Balloon Sinuplasty

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Balloon Sinuplasty

Balloon sinuplasty is an innovative, minimally invasive procedure to permanently solve your sinus problems — with no incisions or stitches. At Michigan Avenue ENT, foremost ENT specialist Julian Dixon, MD, expertly performs this noninvasive sinus-opening procedure in the state-of-the-art The Loop, Chicago, Illinois, office. Book your appointment using the online feature or call the office to schedule your consultation today.

What is balloon sinuplasty?

Balloon sinuplasty is an outpatient procedure that opens up clogged or blocked nasal passages. In this procedure, Dr. Dixon inserts a tiny deflated balloon into the blocked nasal passages and partially inflates it. 

This opens the passages and causes microscopic fractures that trigger the remodeling of the tiny bones there. It ultimately leaves you with open nasal passages, which restores normal breathing and allows your sinuses to drain properly. 

With balloon sinuplasty, there are no incisions, and the procedure only takes around 45 minutes in the Michigan Avenue ENT office. 

Am I a good candidate for a balloon sinuplasty?

If sinus problems persistently cause you issues, balloon sinuplasty might be your proper treatment. Examples of suitable candidates are people with:


  • Chronic or recurrent sinus infections
  • Sinus issues cause ongoing cough, nasal congestion, headaches, or bad breath
  • Sinus problems don’t stem from a deviated septum or nasal polyps


Acclarent®, the same company that created the state-of-the-art balloon sinuplasty technology Dr. Dixon uses at Michigan Avenue ENT, also has a similar system that treats deviated septum without major surgery. 


Dr. Dixon thoroughly evaluates your sinus problems and recommends a treatment that offers optimal, long-lasting results.

How does balloon sinuplasty compare to sinus surgery?

Balloon sinuplasty is a much gentler and less invasive alternative. With traditional sinus surgery, surgeons remove pieces of bone, and the procedure is far more complex. Traditional sinus surgery usually requires major anesthesia and features a lengthy and painful recovery. 

Balloon sinuplasty only requires local anesthesia and light sedation. With balloon sinuplasty, Dr. Dixon works within your natural nasal passage anatomy rather than removing bone and causing other major changes. 

Balloon sinuplasty requires minimal downtime and involves little to no pain. 

How effective is balloon sinuplasty?

Multiple studies and clinical trials show that Acclarent balloon sinuplasty is extremely safe and effective. Acclarent balloon sinuplasty reduced sinus disease by 81% in one study versus a 75% reduction in patients who had sinus surgery. 

In addition, studies show that balloon sinuplasty has long-lasting effects, as documented at one- and two-year follow-ups. 

Are you nterested in learning more about how a tiny balloon can restore your breathing and stop your sinus issues? Call Michigan Avenue ENT or click the provided online booking button to set up your consultation with Dr. Dixon now.